About Us

In 2004, Rudy Murillo, a young designer and editor, began working on a local TV show called "Antro Mania" that showcased Laredo's night life with features on local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. By 2005, thirteen 30 minute episodes of “Antro Mania” were produced and the show’s run came to en end. Working on the show, Rudy was able to meet so many incredibly talented Laredoans and began toying with the idea of capturing Laredo’s bordertown flavor with interviews and performances by local bands. In 2006, Sledge TV was born.

Since then, it has been Rudy’s passion to not only produce videos highlighting the sound of his hometown, but to help Laredo’s creative community grow.

In 2015, the current Sledge TV team was formed and started producing "Making Noise", a web series featuring performances by local and visiting musicians. Each episode features an artist performing an original song in a different setting. All the audio you hear in these videos is live sound.

The Sledge TV team has also produced a number of official music videos for artists like Sounds of Arson, Migrant Kids, Automatic Weekend and Stella Lost.